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You did not start a business to lose sleep over taxes. But we did.
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Simplifying tax, reclaiming your time

Taxation can be overwhelming. Plus, tax laws and regulations are constantly evolving. Our tax compliance experts help you stay compliant with the latest tax laws, compute your taxes & deductions, and ensuring that all submissions are done within all prescribed deadlines.


Stay compliant

We help you stay compliant with the latest prevalent text laws and rulings released by IRBM and RMCD.

Accurate computation

Our team of experts prepares your tax assessments with accuracy, and industry best practices to help optimise your taxes.

Forms and filings, we've got you covered!

Don't worry about forms, forms, forms, and filings, filings, filings. We've got you covered in preparing all forms & documents and getting them filed.

Streamlined processes

Our accounting team and tax team work seamlessly behind the scenes to ensure that all information are consistent and accurate across the board.

How it works

Send your tax-related transactions and documents to us digitally. Your account manager will let you know if any clarification is needed.
Our taxation experts process your information & deductions and compute your taxes.
We prepare all required documents for filing and submit them on your behalf as soon as we get your green-light.

Comprehensive taxation service coverage to ensure full compliance

IRBM Tax Compliance
Tax number registration
Corporate income tax return (Form C)
Individual income tax return (Form BE)
Sole proprietorship income tax return (Form B)
Partnership income tax return (Form P)
Estimates of tax payable (CP204 / CP204A)
Employer's annual return (Form E)
Optional Add-ons
Withholding tax
Transfer Pricing
Tax audit assistance & liaison with authorities
Many more tax-related services
IRBM - Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia
RMCD Tax Compliance
per submission
SST number registration
SST return
Imported Services Tax return
Optional Add-ons
Tax audit assistance & liaison with authorities
Many more tax-related services
RMCD - Royal Malaysian Customs Department

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Complementary Services

Centry offers complementing back-offices services that integrate seamlessly with our Tax Compliance service.
Let us handle them for you so that you can focus on growing your business.

Looking to kickstart your dream company?

If you still do not have a company yet and would like to get started, we can get one incorporated for you in just a few days.

Hear what our customers say about us

I can't believe how much easier Unicorns made our lives. We're saving so much time with their automated tracking!
Rudra Ghosh
CEO, Vermillion
"I can't believe how much easier Unicorns made our lives. We're saving so much time with their automated tracking!"
Rudra Ghosh
CEO, Vermillion

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