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Business Prepaid Visa Cards

Easily manage business expenditures with Swipey's physical & virtual Visa prepaid cards for your team.

Empower your business with both physical and virtual corporate cards

Stop using personal credit cards for business payments

Swipey’s corporate card makes business payments simple. Protect your personal privacy and assign a Swipey card to any business functions, team members or even clients.

Smart prepaid cards for better business control.

Swipey’s prepaid corporate cards empower your team to spend on things for their work needs. You have full control over company budgets and even top-up funds whenever you like.

Seamlessly manage team expenditures, subscriptions, and bills

View & manage company's cards & expenses via an easy dashboard

An easy-to-use expense management dashboard offers real-time oversight, giving your finance teams better control and spend visibility for your business.

Keep your finance teams updated on expenses

As soon as a purchase is made on a Swipey card, admins get a notification. No more end-of-month surprises.

Optimise business operations with multi-card & spend management

Assign multiple cards to a single user

Separate business spends like a pro using different cards for different categories, merchants, or purposes. Imagine having different wallets for different occasions, only 10 times cooler and digital.

Mastering spending via spend customisation

Gain full control of your employees' spending by switching on or off allowed spending categories depending on the role or needs of each user.

Hate logging in and out of accounting and banking platforms?
Handle bill payments with Swipey

Stop relying on outdated spreadsheets to manage your invoices

Swipey’s bill payment solution makes paying invoices a breeze! Get full visibility and keep track of every single invoice. No more missed payments and late charges.

Make payments right within Swipey

No more nightmares navigating through conventional online banking portals. You can now get your payments done right within Swipey.

Ready to get swipin' with Swipey?

Incorporate your company & receive 2 FREE Swipey virtual prepaid cards once your company is incorporated.

Get your startup incorporated at the comfort of your own home.
Get your entire back-office up and running without breaking a sweat.
Expert support for company/business compliance, accounting, tax, audit, payroll, and may more.
Receive 2 FREE virtual cards once your company is incorporated.

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