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Centry helps Malaysian Startups and SME alleviate the painful back-office and compliance work so that you can focus on growth.
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Get RM1,000 Free Credits When You Start with Centry

August 22, 2022
It's easy on the mind and wallet to get started with Centry. We are offering RM1,000 free credits that can be used across our services.
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Are you constantly looking for ways to grow your startup and run your business more efficiently, but get bogged down by all the compliance and back-end paperworks? Are you wishing that you could get some help to take this burden off your shoulders?

If your answer is yes to the questions above, we have good news for you!

Overview of Centry's Managed Services

At Centry, we support our clients in navigating 3 very crucial areas of running a business:

1. Accounting & bookkeeping

You did not start a business to do accounting. But we did. For new startups, solepreneurs, and small businesses, it does not make financial sense to hire full time bookkeepers and accountants as it will quickly inflate the cost of running the business.

Centry offers a fully-managed bookkeeping and accounting solution. We update business transaction & accounting records and produce accurate & reliable reports. Our clients receive monthly management accounting reports that help them to stay on top of things.

Learn more about our accounting service

2. Payroll management

Once you start employing staffs in Malaysia, things can quickly get complicated. In addition to monthly payroll processing, there are many compliance requirements and deadlines from several statutory bodies (EPF, SOCSO, IRB, and HRDF) to keep track of.

Centry's payroll management service helps you onboard & offboard employees efficiently, process monthly claims & salaries on time while ensuring compliance requirements by all statutory bodies are met.

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3. Tax compliance

Lastly, you are not meant to lose sleep over taxes.

Centry helps our clients navigate the complicated world of Malaysian taxation. Our fully-managed tax compliance service ensures that tax computations are accurate, forms are filled correctly, and submissions are made on time, every time.

Learn more about our tax compliance service

Get started with Centry today and get RM1,000 free credits automatically.

Centry helps Malaysian Startups and SME alleviate the painful back-office work via digitalised accounting, payroll management, and tax compliance services. Many business owners have trusted us to manage their back-end and compliance work so that they can focus on achieving the growth that they have been dreaming about.

We are proud to provide RM1,000 free credits to all new clients of Centry that can be used to offset against our services. These free credits can be used to offset RM100 per month from the monthly accounting fees and/or RM100 per month from the monthly payroll processing fees until the they are depleted.

Note: The free credits are only for monthly recurring accounting and/or payroll processing fees. It is not applicable for one-off fees (for example, EPF employer registration fees, SST registration fees, etc).

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