Ad Hoc Secretarial Services Price List

Below is our price list of ad hoc Company Secretarial activities. They are charged in addition to our Company Secretary retainer fee as and when the relevant services are performed.

If you are looking for a service that is not listed here, simply reach out to us for further discussion.
Professional Fee 1
Preparation & submission of Annual Return
RM400 per submission
Filing of annual audited report with SSM
RM200 per submission
Preparation and circulation of notice of beneficial ownership
RM100 per shareholder
Fixing first financial year end
Appointment of auditor
First appointment:FREE
Subsequent appointments: RM100 each
Notice of resignation of auditor
Appointment of tax agent
First appointment:FREE
Subsequent appointments: RM100 each
Preparation of bank-related resolutions
RM100 each
Increase paid up capital / allotment of new shares
RM100 each
Issuance of share certificate
RM30 each
Transfer of shares (incl. submission to LHDN & SSM)
RM300 (excl. stamp duty) per transfer
Document CTC by Company Secretary
RM25 each
Obtain SSM CTC
RM100 (incl. SSM fees) each
Appointment / resignation of director
RM100 each
Change of director's particulars
RM100 each
Company name reservation
RM100 each
Change of company name (incl. 1 name reservation + filing)
RM600 (incl. SSM fees)
Additional or change of business address / nature
RM250 each
Update common seal plate
RM250 each
Company strike-off
Attending General Meeting (2 hours)
Lodgement of Exempt Private Certificate (EPC)
Adoption of company Constitution
RM850 (incl. SSM fees)
Amendment of M&A / Constitution
RM300 (excl. SSM fees)
Replacement of M&A with Constitution
RM600 (incl. SSM fees)
Rectification of Register
RM850 (incl. SSM fees)
Application for Extension of Time (EOT)
Declaration of dividend
Preparation of board resolutions for activities not listed above
Any other services not listed above
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